About Us

Paul Zilm

I have been involved in both race & sports betting for almost 20 years. Like many people, I started out in my early twenties intrigued with betting on football. Right out of college I was part of a weekly work pool where you had to bet 15 NCAA games and all NFL games against the spread. I always felt I knew sports, but I learned quickly that knowing sports and betting on sports is two very different things. From that point forward, my passion has been tied to the industry in one form or another.

I knew right away I was a gambler, and not a very good one if I am being honest. I made all the mistakes most people make at one point. I bet beyond my means, I tried to take the easy way out (i.e. follow the mainstream media), I tried to play every game on TV, and I was an emotional ass to be around. Needless to say, I was the poster boy for why sportsbooks are profitable and the industry was booming.

After years of learning from my mistakes (and let’s be honest, still learning) and soaking in as much as I can about the industry, I finally feel I have a better understanding of many in’s and outs. I have worked for both a racetrack (Churchill Downs in a non-gambling role) and as a ticket writer, then supervisor at a Las Vegas sports book. Those jobs don’t teach you everything, but it allows you to do something much more important…OBSERVE!

I am excited about the challenge of developing a trusted website that is part fun, part interesting, part educational and part unique. There are lots of sports betting blogs or pick sheets out there. I want to be a little different. I have a wonderful girlfriend Karen and a brilliant daughter Madelyn who inspire me every day. I love living in Las Vegas (you will see many thoughts on this great city here) and hope to earn your trust.